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Our Mission

Providing an industry-leading, premium drilling data analytics software and project management tool designed to help oil & gas operators and drilling contractors across the globe make smarter drilling decisions

Our Vision

Embodying a sustainability-based ethos, gekko views its role in the oil & gas industry as a software provider that allows drillers to optimise their drilling performance, cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Gekko helps to reduce non-productive time and offers a unique way to benchmark performance.

The gekko story

As drilling professionals with decades of experience, we know there’s no shortage of data out there. Alongside Daily Drilling Reports (DDRs) are a myriad of datasets, PDFs, Word and Excel files. It can quickly become a drain on time, money and effort, rather than an opportunity to spot trends, make impactful decisions and reduce costs.

We’ve experienced the complexity, the frustrations, the pressures of extracting value from information; managing multiple projects, across disparate stakeholders and remote locations. Which is why we developed gekko

The gekko coding

At the heart of gekko's reporting & performance and analytics modules is the gekko unique activity coding system. It was developed by the team of directors who realised that the industry standard activity coding system was just not fit for purpose of displaying and benchmarking drilling and completion data.

The system focuses on the key areas within the drilling and completion process that can be benchmarked and analysed for performance. It is comprised of 10 categories; 140 activity codes and separates productive & non-productive time.

This system has revolutionised how we display static data and has transformed the DDR dataset of our clients

Meet The Team of Directors

  • Peter Taylor Avatar

    Peter Taylor

  • Phil Church Avatar

    Phil Church

  • Fariz Najafov Avatar

    Fariz Najafov

  • Giles Thompson Avatar

    Giles Thompson

  • Jon Harris Avatar

    Jon Harris

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