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Our Packages: Drilling Contractors

Our cloud based system is positioned for todays cost-challenged environment, it is simple to deploy and use, and leverages under-utilised data which are routinely captured as part of day-to-day operations. Packages start from £20 per day and can be tailored to meet your needs.

Products and Services

  • Standard

    Reporting & Performance


    • Reporting & Performance
    • Well Files


    • Unlimited storage & users
    • DDR template
    • Activity & performance visualisations
    • Detailed NPT break down
    • Time depth, including bit depth analysis
    • Advanced DDR search features
  • Premium

    Reporting & Performance with Analytics


    • Reporting & Performance
    • Analytics
    • Well Files

    as per Standard, plus

    • Measure & benchmark rig performance
    • Over 50 rig / drilling performance metrics
    • Rig performance comparison
    • Build up performance trends and compare KPIs
  • Add-on Features

    Add extra modules to your package


    • Map
    • Weather
    • Communications
    • Manage
    • Trackers


    • Performance Plus - performance EWORS, quarterly management performance reports and more
    • Vessel tracking
    • Weather forecasting
    • Lightweight messaging & video conferencing facilities
    • Gantt view
    • Risk register
    • Lessons learnt
    • Action tracker
    • Kanban task and project management tool
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